19th Century British Library Newspapers

Two million pages of national and regional newspapers.

19th Century British Library Newspapers

The 19th century was a period of tumultuous change, documented through the ever-growing national and regional press. This collection brings historical events to life, demonstrating how moments now entrenched in history were immediately reported at the time.

Forming part of the British Library’s archive of print material, the collection spans the era of the abolition of slavery, the Industrial Revolution, the Crimean War and almost the entire reign of the famous monarch, Queen Victoria.

Articles on research tools and the history of the era are available to guide users through the collection and provide pointers for studying the 19th century through the newspapers of the time.

How can this collection be used in teaching, studying and research?

Students of history, media, sociology and the arts are among those who will benefit from accessing the collection for research purposes.

Specialist publications are available to those carrying out detailed study and research, such as The Chartist, The Graphic and The Illustrated Police News.

Highlights from this collection

View reactions to the death of the writer Charles Dickens and the gruesome details of The Whitechapel Murders, carried out by “Jack the Ripper”.

Reactions to the death of the writer Charles DickensGruesome details of The Whitechapel Murders

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