American Chemical Society (ACS) Legacy Archives

Full access to the American Chemical Society’s legacy archives.

American Chemical Society (ACS) Legacy Archives

The founders of chemical research publications in the United States, the American Chemical Society have been working as experts in their field since creating their first journal in 1879. Since that date, the society has gone on to publish hundreds of papers and journals, with over 460,000 digitised articles currently available in their archive.

The back catalogue of ACS publications include works by a number of well-known authors and Nobel Prize winners, such as the pioneer of quantum chemistry and molecular biology, Linus Pauling, the groundbreaking polymer specialist, Hermann Staudinger, and the physicist Steven Chu – currently US Secretary of Energy.

How can this collection be used in teaching, studying and research?

This collection is particularly suitable for specialists in the advanced fields of chemistry, chemical engineering and related subjects.

Publications can be accessed via browsing or searching and are available to download or view as web pages.

Highlights from this collection

The Journal of Physical Chemistry – first published in 1896 – is available through to 1995.

Journal of Physical ChemistryACS Chemical Neuroscience and Crystal Growth & Design

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