Archival Sound Recordings

Almost 45,000 examples from a vast range of sound recordings, brought to you by the British Library.

Archival Sound Recordings

Users of this collection can explore an astonishing combination and range of recorded sounds - from music, oral history, performance, accents and dialects to the natural world.

The available selection is accessible by a number of routes, including by themes, tags, searching and collection type. A regularly updated blog sheds further light upon some of the collection’s hidden gems and a range of audio tools are also provided as downloads to facilitate users’ access to the catalogue.

How can this collection be used in teaching, studying and research?

The site’s “Case Studies” provide real life user examples of how accessing the collections have enhanced their studies, research or work.

The archive is of great relevance to those studying or teaching across a range of diverse and interconnected disciplines, such as sound engineering, music, history, linguistics, theatre and media studies, biology, the natural world and many more.

Highlights from this collection

A dawn chorus in Loch Garten, Scotland and comedian Peter Cook on “God and the Devil” from the “St-Mary-le-Bow Public Debates collection.

A dawn chorus in Loch Garten, Scotland Peter Cook on “God and the Devil”

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