BRILL Journal Archive Online

Over 100 publications with a strong focus on international studies.

BRILL Journal Archive Online

The humanities, arts and social sciences are all represented within this archive, which features the work of the international publishing house Brill.

The archive features past issues from over 100 journals, covering subjects including Classical Studies, Islamic & Middle Eastern Studies, Biblical Studies, and Biology. Over 50,000 articles are available and source materials include journals, encyclopaedias, monographs and books.

How can this collection be used in teaching, studying and research?

This collection offers a wide selection of material, representing past and present research activity, and its materials may be of interest to those working in or studying many disciplines within the arts and humanities, with some of the more specialist subjects available including Slavic Studies and Robotics.

Highlights from this collection

The Indo-Iranian Journal - which has been published for over 50 years and features research on ancient languages from the region as well as literature, philosophy and religion – and the Human Rights Case Digest.

The Indo-Iranian JournalLiterature, philosophy and religion – and the Human Rights Case Digest.

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