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World-leading research literature.

Web of Science Backfiles

Web of Science Backfiles provides access to information from approximately 8,700 of the most prestigious, high impact research journals in the world. This multi-disciplinary collection provides valuable resources for academics and researchers in a wide range of disciplines from archaeology to zoology! You can explore the resources by navigating forward, backward, and through the literature, searching all disciplines and time spans to uncover all of the information relevant to your work.

This archive is part of a wider collection, called the ISI Web of Knowledge Service from Thomson Reuters – a publishing house and multinational corporation that can be traced back to the founding of the Sweet & Maxwell publishing company in the late 18th century.

Specific resources that are currently available through the JISC Collections subscription agreement include: Web of Science Backfiles: Science Citation Index Expanded 1970-1980; Social Sciences Citation Index 1970-1980; and Arts & Humanities Citation Index 1975-1980.

How can this collection be used in teaching, studying and research?

This collection is wide and varied in subject matter with a definite bias towards the expert researcher, science professional or higher education level teacher or lecturer.

Highlights from this collection

Web of Science Backfiles provides a unique search method - cited reference searching - you can track prior research, identify citations for your own work and follow the path of new ideas and theories.

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