Frequently asked questions

Do I need a username and password to access the collections?

Some of the collections are publically accessible but some are protected and you will need a username and password to access them. If you are unsure about your username and password we recommend that you contact your usual IT or library services helpdesk for support.

Why can’t I search for individual items in collections?

Currently this website provides an introduction to the collections and when you conduct a search it is only able to search a description of the content. If you have a specific resource that you are looking for, we recommend that you use this site to identify collections that are related to your area of interest and then visit the individual sites to search the collection at resource level.

We appreciate that it may be easier to be able to conduct an in-depth search of the entire range of collections from this one site. If this is something that you would find beneficial please complete our short online survey to tell us about your requirements.

How do I report a mistake or inaccuracy about a collection?

Whilst we endeavour to provide correct information about all of the collections, we would appreciate any feedback you have in regard to errors and inaccuracies. Please contact us to report any issues you encounter.

Can I use images from this website in my work?

Some of the images used on this site are the copyright of the collection owner/publisher and therefore we cannot provide permission for you to use them in your work.

All of the collections will have Terms and Conditions of use that let you know what you can and can’t do with the content of the collection, in some cases this will have been especially drafted for use in education, we recommend that you check these first. Your library will be also able to provide you with further advice and guidance about what you can and can’t do. For a good place to start, you can check our list of image references for a guide to the images used on this site.

Can I use text from this website in my work?

Yes. All of the text on this website is provided under a Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial licence. This means that you can quote, reuse, adapt and share the information for any non-commercial academic use as long as you provide a credit and a link back to this website.

Who are JISC and JISC Collections?

JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee) is an organisation that funds and supports the use of technology in the UK Further and Higher Education sector. JISC Collections was established by the UK Higher and Further Education funding councils in 2006 to negotiate, procure and license digital content at a national level on behalf of the academic and research community. Originally operating within the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC), JISC Collections is now a limited company that mutually trades with its members – all Higher and Further Education institutions and Research Councils that receive direct funding from the UK Higher and Further Education funding councils. A JISC-funded service, JISC Collections also licenses digital content for an expanding range of affiliate members – organisations in the UK and overseas which qualify for membership through their engagement in lifelong learning, for example schools and museums.

What were the criteria for including collections in this website?

The collections listed in this website are accessed by JISC in two specific ways:

  1. The JISC Digitisation Programme funds universities and other relevant bodies to digitise its scholarly collections of newspapers, journals, images, documents and other material and make them available for use in education. The fruits of over 50 digitisation projects funded by JISC are listed in this website. More information is available at
  2. All of the collections licensed by JISC Collections have been purchased in perpetuity on behalf of universities, colleges and research councils in the UK. These national agreements have been funded centrally by the JISC and negotiated, following extensive consultation with the UK academic community, by JISC Collections. Further information on these collections, and how to subscribe to them can be found at:

Which collections are included in this website?